While on the cross, one of the last utterances of Jesus was, ‘It is finished.’ The Greek word is tetelestai. It’s the perfect tense of a verb that means to do something completely complete and perfectly perfect. In other words, it was to say the job was well done. At the cross there was a divinely ordained exchange: Jesus received the evil due to us, that we might receive the good due toim.

While on the cross, Jesus took all our guilt and the penalty due to us. Isaiah said “the Lord has laid upon him the guilt [the perversity, the rebellion] of all of us. Jesus took both our guilt and the punishment thereof upon Himself. He became us by taking our place in every sense of the word so that through faith in His finished work we can become all that He is.

If we can grasp and lay hold on this truth, the treasure house to our supernatural possibilities would open up. Everything you need is contained in that revelation…Let me say it this way: What happened on the cross was a divinely ordained exchange. Think of that key word ‘exchange.’ All the evil due to our rebellion was laid upon Jesus. That’s the left hand. The right hand is the opposite. All the good due to the sinless obedience of Jesus was made available to us through faith in Jesus.

I am sure that’s contrary to our natural thinking, but that’s true and the goodnews of good friday. All the evil due to our rebellion came upon Jesus on the cross that all the good due to his sinless obedience might be made available to us. Or, to say it very shortly, the evil came upon Jesus that the good might be made available to us… praise the Lord. Now I want to change one word. Instead of saying “us” say “me.” Now it’s very personal, it’s just you and God. You know what they say at the cross? There’s only room for one at the foot of the cross? You’re the one now.

Today as you behold all that was done on the cross, as you look and see his body beaten, bleeding, a horrifying spectacle, something that you don’t really want even to look at or think about. Quickly remember and say this. ‘The evil due to me came upon Jesus that the good due to Jesus might be made available to me.’ That’s right make it personal.

1. Jesus was made a curse that I might receive the blessing.

2. Jesus endured my poverty that I might share His abundance.

3. Jesus was wounded that through His stripes I might be healed.

4. Jesus was made sin with my sinfulness, that I might be made righteous with His righteousness.

5. Jesus tasted death for me, that I might share His life

6. Jesus bore our shame that we might share His glory

7 . Jesus endured my rejection that I might have His acceptance with the Father.

8. My Old nature was put to death in Him that the New Man might come to life in me.

Embrace this truth today and step up to living a life with your full redemptive privileges. In the midst of all that is happening today, it will be good to pause and just remind the devil that he lost it thousands of years ago. We are redeemed, we are bought with a price, we are free and free indeed!

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